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Composite Applications: The New Paradigm
Composite applications are moving the power from the developer to the user. See how this shift is coming about.

Context-Driven Access via Microsoft Office
You don't have to refactor all of your applications to create composite applications. Learn how one company interfaces with legacy systems by using Information Bridge Framework.

Building Office Business Applications
Many business processes are document-centric. Explore the 2007 Microsoft Office system features as a platform for composite applications with workflow.

Architecture Journal Profile: Scott Guthrie
Scott Guthrie is a general manager in Microsoft's Developer Division. Get the update on his career and his thoughts on architecture.

Architecting Composite Smart Clients Using CAB and SCSF
Learn how the Composite Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory were used to expedite a real-world banking application.

Quality Data Through Enterprise Information Architecture
Data quality is not confined to the data layer. Learn how to get better data through your architecture.

Business Improvement Through Better Software Architecture
See how five organizational roles can help to bridge the gap between business strategy and software architecture.

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