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Quicksilver - The Clipboard
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

More often than not when Quicksilver is blogged, the topic focuses on simply launching apps or some other pretty basic use. But here on TAB, I’ve tried to show some of the more advanced features of this amazing program. Recently David at TUAW got down with the Quicksilver screencasts too, and did a...

Quicksilver - Pictures
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

I knew that once everyone put in the time to get Quicksilver setup according to the last screencast, they’d be chomping at the bit to do something that was actually interesting. So I wanted to get this next screencast out sooner than later. As long as you followed The Setup, then you’re in perfec...

Quicksilver - The Setup
Category: Applications > QuickSilver      Posted: 01 Jun 07

Instead of doing a back to basics type of screencast, I’ve chosen to do a setup piece. I’ve run through the entire setup of Quicksilver, from intitial installation setup, to plugin installs, and every other preference you can choose. By the end, your environment should look just like mine - or at...

FarCry: Google Maps Plugin
Category: Applications > CMS      Posted: 07 Apr 07

Quick demo of Google Maps plugin for FarCry in action.